The Hell of Osirak

The Hell of Osirak

Based on a true story, Operation Opera, this high stakes action packed spy thriller is set in five countries and over three continents.

The year is 1981. The Osirak nuclear facility in Iraq is about to become operational. If it does, it will have grave consequences not just for the Middle East but the world.

British MI6 officer Nikki SinclaIr is sent to Osirak. Immediately she is plunged into danger, deception and betrayal. She encounters her ex- lover, Dvora Bar Zahavi who is an agent for the Mossad.

Sinclair begins to understand she is little more than a pawn in a dangerous, international political game of physical intimacy.

Can she trust Dvora? Can she trust her own side? Or perhaps no one at all?

This is the first book in the Betrayal, Redemption and Salvation Trilogy.