Spy writer Jaye Rothman, author of the British MI6 officer Nikki Sinclair series, grew up in a small town near London, England during the Cold War. She watched her first James Bond movie as a young teenager and was immediately hooked on anything and everything to do with espionage.

Jaye has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, and Africa, among other destinations, and draws on her own adventures (some of them hair-raising!) to bring colour and a unique flavour to her writing.

When she’s not writing, Jaye loves to devour the latest spy thriller, walk along the beach or drink coffee and people-watch in one of Auckland’s many wonderful cafés.

She is, of course, still a huge James Bond fan, and most days, after the sun goes down, the James Bond DVDs come out. Some things will never change.

Jaye lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently single.

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